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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Made in Africa?

Made-in-Africa is an online marketplace dedicated to promoting and selling products made in Africa. It's a platform for African vendors to showcase their unique goods to a global audience.

How can I become a vendor on Made in Africa?

To become a vendor, you can sign up on our website and follow the vendor registration process. Once approved, you can start listing your products.

What types of products can I sell on Made in Africa?

You can sell a wide range of products that are made in Africa, including handmade crafts, art, fashion, jewelry, home decor, and more. Your products should reflect African culture and craftsmanship.

Is it free to join as a vendor?

Yes. All vendors get a 1 year free trial with no sign-up fee.

How do I manage my product listings and inventory?

You can easily manage your product listings and inventory through your vendor dashboard. You can add, edit, or remove listings, as well as update stock levels.

Is my data and information secure on the platform?

We take data security very seriously, using encryption and best practices to protect your information. Please review our Privacy Policy for more details.

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